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 Dark circles under the eyes
2008-04-12 21:15:28
What are the possible causes/diseases of dark circles under the eyes and swelling around eyes?

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2013-08-07 03:11:26
Do an Answers search and you will see many have tried all the under eye and dark bags carmes and under eye rollers and report they were not even slightly effective.There is an epidemic of under eye bags and circles and many are reported by those in teens or early twenties. The main reason is reaction to skin sickening toxins in skin care, cosmetic and skin medicating products. See this site Skin Deep Cosmetic Database. A Feelgood Resource. The Database tested many thousands of products and identifies which ones are the most harming and those which are non or only minimally harming. So first thing to do is select the none or least harming products.Then try these safe, natural, tried and tasted treatments that quickly and permanently get rid of them. They really work and have helped many on AnswersThis is a response I received from wannabeblue28:“Hi Mukunda M. I have just been rubbing my face with oil using my fingers and hands and It has made a HUGE difference in my complexion after just one night. …… My skin looks so much tighter everywhere and i no longer have bags under my eyes! Thank you so much for your post, I have been suffering with acne and under-eye circles since i was young. She had seen an answer I gave about how vigorous face massaging with pure natural oils had permanently rid my face of acne AND removed my bags/circles. Massage greatly tightens skin under and around the eye area and the bags go away. Find Answer with a search Mukunda M vigorous massage to remove eye bags/circles The most helpful ones are:(Using both hands together) massage with palms and front of fingers held together(1) Do long up and down sweeps close to nose from chin area up to near eyes.(2) Do another up and back at an angle from chin point to cheek bone.(3) Do fast up and down massage close to eye from cheek bones at an angle of 45 degrees (on your crows feet).Best if do for several minutes daily – will markedly tighten skin in eye area and diminish the circles in the first two or three days. Use any oil. Olive is good.IMPORTANT: To avoid skin pulling first make facial skin taught by partially opening mouth and pulling lips firmly back against teeth (tightens most of face)Use any natural oil. Extra virgin olive oil works well for many.Additionally facial yoga exercises help a great deal. Find on You Tube. Do the “The lion face  and try to hold for 30 seconds. A variation of that is protruding the tongue as if trying to touch tip of nose with tip of tongue.YOGA MEDITATION is a great help and is easy to do. It enables you to completely relax and gives you deep, restful sleep. 6 or 7 hours of restful sleep is considerably more beneficial than 8 or 9 more hours of non restful sleep. I found Siddha Yoga meditation was the most beneficial.SOURCE(S): Consultant with many years research into safe, natural cures/treatments skin conditions, skin enhancement, anti aging and rejuvenation treatments
2008-04-16 15:12:45
Dark circles can also be adrenal and or throid issues.
Jewels Le'Long
2008-04-15 09:26:32
Ist off, your question and signs are vauge.
more inforation needed, (age, gender, relationship, diet, enviroment, medication and supplements taken, reactions or allergies, illegal drugs, alchohol?
could be- swelling under eye- abuse, liver problems, kidney problems, circulation, nerve, eye problem, check sinus congestion, allergy, allergic reactions,(e.g. pollen, gluten products, dairy, cleaning products.
Jewels Le'Long
2008-04-15 09:21:16
Many reasons.
lack of sleep, broken sleep, working in front of the computer for long periods, low healthy food intake,low excretion (good bowel motions)liver problems
get Bloods taken to determine, liver function, iron and B6,12, folate levels.
2008-04-14 09:00:12
Lach of appetite.
if female then menses problem.
If Male then sexual problem.
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