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 Cervical spondylosis
2008-04-13 15:35:23
53 year old female is suffering from cervical spondylosis, diabetic mellitus,sinitis and eczema (for the last 5 years). I am giving medicines for diabetic in ayurveda (diabecan). Please suggest alternative medicines.

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2016-01-16 09:03:09
You make thgnis so clear. Thanks for taking the time!
2011-01-02 07:33:49
Cervical spondylosis is an age related degenarative disorder. As the patient is a diabetic patient so more prone to degenarative changes in all joints. The 1st and formost thin i he should lead a healthy lifestyles, healthy diabetic food habits, daily physical activities, pranayam and yoga regularly with suiatable homeopathic treatment according to symptom similarities. The common homeopathic remedies used for cervical spondylosis is Rhus tox - higher potency above 200, morning stiffness and aggravation in wet damp weather persist. Osteophytes formations would be helpful by calc flour, silicea - biochemic preparation. severe acute pain if persist then colocynth, chamomilla, lachnathes - higher potency above 1M. Nosodes must be given intermittently-either medorrhinum or tuberculinum according to symptoms and constitution but higher potency above 1M. If you would like more detail please visit Thank you
Dr Patil S.L.
2010-12-12 06:14:07
Lachnanthus 30 two tablets 3 times daily till relief
dr vinod agarwal
2008-12-07 14:38:01
Acupuncture is the answer for cervical should be undertaken by well qualified dr + acupuncturist ,not half baked ones
dr vinod agarwal
Shiv Dr.Patil
2008-12-07 06:23:39
Lacnanthus 30/ 2 tablets thrice for 15 days

Kali mur 12X 3 tablets 3 times 20 days
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